Who is Cassie Nguyen?

I am…

  • a facilitator of meaningful connections between ideas and audiences
  • a producer of original, high-impact content for web, print and social media
  • an advocate of education, knowledge, social justice and equity.

I can…

  • help you drive organic traffic to your website through the creation of SEO content and copy
  • work with you to create an integrated marketing strategy that your audience will find to be engaging and full of value

Let me create copywriting, social media marketing, electronic mailing list solutions to reduce your current pressures and stressors.


  • Our entry into the social media world was delayed however I believe it was important we found the right person to venture into this sphere with- I would rather we started the process well rather than start at all and we found the right person to guide us.

  • One of the key components of our relationship is Cass’ teaching background – Cass is not merely a social media manager but also a social media educator and this factor has led to me being involved, interested and participating in the process- all of which is important for us, as we did not want to outsource our social media completely and be disconnected with our customers and audience.

  • I cannot help but check through our Instagram profile often (sometimes on an hourly basis) and admire our work being showcased in a manner consistent with our ethos and brand.